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Great Outdoors: 4 Ways to Bring More Art Outside

Celebrate the idyllic days of summer with art you love. Read on for a few of the benefits of infusing your yard, patio or garden with more modern art…

(Image: night bird, a statement painting by Saatchi Art One to Watch artist Charlotte Evans)
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1. Make a Statement With Strategic Placement

When you live in an indoor/outdoor space, consider the view from outside. Framing a favorite figurative painting or statement photograph for optimal view from an outdoor dining table or courtyard offers an unforgettable focal point while helping integrate your interior and exterior styles.

(Image: Design and photo by Studio Hus, Courtesy of Houzz)

(Image: Architecture by Vinci | Hamp Architects, Interior by Stephanie Wohlner Design, Photo by Eric Hausman, Courtesy of Houzz)

If you have a backyard studio, look to contemporary art for an automatic upgrade. Featuring a bold abstract painting, print or photograph in your workspace can help recharge its creative energy while providing another place for sharing the art you love.

(Image: Design by Sett Studio, Photo by Blake Gordon and Lisa Hause, Courtesy of Houzz)

2. Say it With Sculpture

Plant some modern metal sculpture in your yard or garden for visual appeal all year around, even after the greenery has gone.

Contemporary sculpture can contribute a playful twist to your landscape design. (Image: Design and photo by Jon Allen Fine Metal Art, Courtesy of Houzz)

A minimally modern sculptural arbor offers a stylish geometric home for climbing vines. (Image: Design and photo by TerraTrellis, Courtesy of Houzz)

Art always makes for a great opener. You’re sure to stir a visitor’s interest when you feature a modern sculpture at the door. (Image: Design by the construction zone, ltd., photo by bill timmerman, Courtesy of Houzz)

3. Grow Your Own

More texture, dimension and fresh color can be yours this summer! Vertical gardening allows a chance to create a wall of living art, while saving on floor space, making it an ideal choice for small urban spaces as well as sprawling tropical oases.

(Image: Design and photo by Marylou Sobel Interior Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

(Image: Design by Aleck Wilson Architects, photo by Paul Dryer Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

4. Provide Continuity and Contrast With Color

When you live in a modern home filled with furniture and art that’s very visible from the outside, color can be a valuable tool for tying it all together. Complimentary or continued color helps provide a more even flow between inside and out, while contrasting colors can be used to keep your artwork front and center.

(Image: Design and photo by Woodbridge Pacific Group, Courtesy of Houzz)

Bright Idea: Use a patch of contrasting color to offset an outdoor wall sculpture. (Image: Design by Coffman Studio, Photo by Leland Gebhardt, Courtesy of Houzz)

(Image: Top: A Cat is guarding the house II, an original oversized abstract landscape painting by Saatchi Art artist Gulyás Edina)

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