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Falling For Color: 4 of The Trendiest Colors for Fall 2016

When you’re in the mood for something new, get to know Deep Red, Cedar, Mustard, and Clay. These 4 warm and friendly shades are part of the diverse color palette that color experts fashioned for this fall. Read on to see some of our favorite ways they can be used to boost the style quotient of your interiors this autumn. Which shade are you tempted to try this fall?

Deep Red

Introducing red into your interiors is bold and inviting. HGTV suggests using “red on the walls to make a room feel more intimate, or feature the color on just one wall to visually rework the proportions of a long, narrow room.” Decorating with energizing red artwork or accent furnishings creates a powerful focal point. DIY accent pieces are an easy way to incorporate this season’s new hues into your interiors.

Contemporary Dining Room
(Image: Photo by Dale Hanson Photography, Design by Peg Berens Interior Design LLC, Courtesy of Houzz)


Introduce a just bit of this mellow earthy pink to inspire a calm and optimistic vibe. Chic statement seating, cozy woven kilims and decorative accents are all good options for inviting in some Cedar this fall. A blend of fall shades has the potential to really warm things up while complimenting woods. Layer in a worldly woven kilim rug to get this look for yourself!

Sims Hilditch, Radlett Family Home
(Image: Photo by Billy Eltes, Design by Sims Hilditch, Courtesy of Houzz)


Think vibrant and engaging. Color psychologists associate yellow tones with cheer and happiness, provided its presence is not overwhelming, so add a touch of mustard to spice up your kitchen, dining room or living space this season.

Living room
(Image: Photo by KuDa Photography, Design by Derrell Parker, Courtesy of Houzz)


If you’re a fan of terra cotta, luxe suede, and crisp autumn leaves, you will love the richness of Clay. The shade is often described as “elements of russet Orange in its undertones, gives a grounded feeling that’s anything but flat.”

Architecture and Interior Design
(Image: Photo by Ed Ritger Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

Adding a few textured decorative accents in robust Clay can make white interiors feel more welcoming. Hang some original artwork in this season’s most talked about shades and transform your space in an afternoon.


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