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8 Innovative Ways To Live With Suspended Sculptures at Home

When it comes to different types of art, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for sculpture. There is something about three-dimensional art that inspires me and moves me in a way that two-dimensional paintings don’t. But I’ve noticed that people often pass up sculpture for their home — not because they don’t love a piece, but because they just don’t really know where to display it. In this ideabook, we’ll explore the possibilities of sculpture suspended from the ceiling. If you’ve never considered this approach, take a look at these interesting and innovative installations. I hope they inspire you to get creative with 3D art in your home!

The owners of this home clearly have a sense of elegance and sophistication balanced with an offbeat sense of humor. Contrasting this graceful staircase with figures plummeting down the center gets your attention in a way that is inventive and playful. Makes you wonder: Did they fall … or did they jump?

Artist: Daniel Serna

This award-winning, suspended mixed-media sculpture in a three-story entryway is breathtaking! I know there is a lot to think about during new construction, but considering your art right at the beginning will give you the chance to do something spectacular.

In this case the architect was the artist as well. Mark Bufalini designed this metal and glass sculpture and worked with Robert White of Houston to have it fabricated.

The structural support was built right into the ceiling, and four cables also support this from four different points in the entryway. As the sculpture is suspended, it can be enjoyed from all angles as visitors ascend and view it from the upper-floor balconies.

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If you are looking for a suspended sculpture to fill your vertical space but don’t want the worries of installing something heavy, consider a light-as-air wire sculpture. The homeowners commissioned this piece with an eye toward viewing it from different angles as someone ascends the stairs to the office above. The white painted walls, balusters and railing showcase the piece rather than compete with it.

Artist: Rodger Stevens

Suspending a sculpture from the ceiling creates the chance to enjoy it from so many vantage points. This second-floor office enjoys a view of a glass sculpture, by Graham Caldwell, suspended above the living area below. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide light to sparkle through the droplet-shaped glass pieces.

A suspended sculpture can be a large-scale piece while taking up relatively little floor space. This lovely twisted and knotted sculptural form, made from wool, cashmere and silk, is unusual and particularly well suited to the serene feel of this bedroom. A comparably sized sculpture standing on the floor would generally take up quite a bit more floor space for stability. And on soft carpeting, as seen here, it could be really hard to get a sculpture to stand straight and not wobble, even on a wide base. But I suspect that the draw for the homeowner here was the beauty of the undulating twists and loops of fabric.

Artist: Dana Barnes

This swooping curve of steel feels like a visual dance. Such an airy and open form needs space around it to be appreciated, so this sparsely furnished room is just right.

Artist: Dee Briggs

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The art and architecture are integrated in an interesting way in this bathroom retreat. On the right is a suspended sculpture created from pieces of shattered stone on cording. On the other side of the cedar wall behind the sculpture is a two-story shower.

There is a nice balance of elements with the shower of water and what looks like a shower of stones. Suspended along the wall like this, the sculpture requires very little floor area yet creates a dramatic impact, reaching all the way to the ceiling.

Artist: Barbara Josephs Liotta

Suspended sculptures don’t always require ultra-high ceilings or wide-open spaces. A niche with a spotlight is a great place in which to suspend a beautiful and simple sculptural form.

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