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6 Share-Worthy Twists on Tropical Decor

Forever chic, a new twist on tropical décor is cropping up all over. Versatility is a key element in the appeal of tropical style. Add a splash of sunny island color and wake things up, or introduce some lush botanical patterns and cultivate a luxurious haven for relaxation. In any case, these fresh and fun tropical interiors are bound to be inspirational for anyone looking to refresh their office or hospitality space this spring.

1 ) A tranquil green ceiling tops a modern airy retreat at the new Playa Grande Beach Club resort. Imagine what kind of original artwork could be featured over the bed to compliment this beautiful color and the surrounding natural textures.

2 ) At Hotel Providence in Paris, Leafy palm patterned wallpaper lightens up these inky walls without compromising any of this room’s handsome appeal.

Introducing some bold botanical wallpaper can open up your space. Try adding an accent wall to make a small room feel more expansive.

3 ) Embracing tropical pattern does’t always mean going green. We love this restful blue bohemian wallpaper from Los Angeles designer Justina Blakeney. Visit Hygge & West to see all her new eye-catching designs, colors, and styles for yourself.

Blakeney’s luxurious leafy wall covering is hand screen printed in the USA. Featuring some exotic tropical patterns in vivid color can help re-energize your creative space.

4 ) Playful pastel geometric tile, pineapple centerpieces and cheerful mid-century style seating set the mood for relaxed dining at Saúl Bistro, designed by Taller KEN, an AIA New York New Practices New York 2016 winner this year.

Featuring some large-leafed plants as sculptural elements is an easy way to add refreshing tropical flavor to any space. Live greenery adds an attractive layer of texture, especially when combined with artwork.

5 ) Bright pillows, woven seating, and a poppy gallery wall work together to create a cheerful beachy vibe at Madrid’s Wanda Cafe Optimista.

Balancing bright tropical hues with natural woods keeps things feeling relaxed rather than overpowering.

6 ) Tropical style has the magic to make even the most minimal space feel more inviting. This grand graphic mural, created by illustrator Tatiana Arocha for the SundanceTV offices, is proof in the power of bold black and white botanicals.

Introducing some refreshingly original artwork is an easy way to add a touch of the tropics to your space. Visit Saatchi Art’s Inspired by 60s Pink & Green Botanic Collection today to discover your new favorites!