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5 Style Updates to Make Any Home Feel More Like a Beach House

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re lucky enough to have a beach house, enjoy! If not, here are 5 décor updates anyone can do to make their home feel a bit more beachy this season, no sand or seashells required.

1… Add a touch of turquoise.

Try painting an accent wall or a ceiling in this mood boosting blue and feel remarkably refreshed! Bright wall colors are a provocative way to make your favorite art go “pop,” too.

(Image: Serenity 1, a tranquil turquoise statement painting by Saatchi Art artist Changsoon Oh)

2… Take in some texture.

Adding a woven jute rug or a sculptural pendant lamp in tropical rattan are easy ways to make your place feel like an instant island getaway. If your place has the space… hanging a welcoming woven hammock or a macramé chair is a wonderful way to add a vacation-y vibe while layering in some new textures. Rustic, wharfy, woods evoke life at the shore without adding color, making them a great choice for minimalist décor.

3… Add a stylish stripe.

Both traditional and modern spaces feel more like summer with a dose of nautical blue and white stripes. Adding some new pillows, an overstuffed pouf, or relaxed striped rugs are simple ways to invite this look in to your place…

…or show off some modern beachy art with a hint of summery stripes. (Image: Fishing Boats in Cyprus, by Saatchi Art artist Pippa Cunningham)

4… Lighten up your lamps.

Bring in the beach by opting for glass pendants and bases in tranquil sea tones and topping your lamps with a sandy woven shade. We like these ones from Shades of Light.

5… Reach for the beach… with seascapes.

Transform your blank walls into vacation-worthy rooms with a view using statement sized ocean artwork… or a beach-themed gallery wall.

When looking for artwork to bring in the beach, go for original paintings and art photography that will open up your living space, like this breathtaking beachscape by Saatchi Art’s “One to Watch” photographer Dean West. (Image: SK3 – Limited Edition #23 of 25, by Dean West/Saatchi Art)

You deserve a mini-vacation. Treat yourself and visit Saatchi Art’s Art for Beach Houses Collection now…


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Daryl Gammons-Jones is a contributor to Saatchi Art's blog. In addition to writing about art and design, she specializes in collecting, creating, and producing images for a diversity of creative endeavors.