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3 Art Trends to Watch from Our Fall Catalog

When you’re first beginning to collect original art, it can often be overwhelming to decide where to start. Or, perhaps you’re an established art collector ready to fall in love again with a new favorite while helping your collection grow. In either case, Saatchi Art has you covered. Read on for more about 3 of our favorite art trends that are popular now, and find out more about which one works for you.

Contemporary Figurative

For a fresh take on the familiar, reach for figurative art. Collecting contemporary figurative works means experiencing the everyday in a whole new way, through the eyes of an artist experimenting with color, style, or a mix of mediums. If you like art that features people and places, this is a great place to start, as these artworks add compliment to all kinds of interiors.

(Image: A detail from a figure study by Saatchi Art artist thomas donaldson)

Contemporary portraits possess the power to make a lasting impression. When you’re looking for ideas on how to integrate more artwork into your décor, try hanging one in your entry way or in the living room to grab guests at “hello.”

(Image: Portraits : G.B.M. # 02, an original drawing by Saatchi Art artist Paolo Damiani)

Fabio Coruzzi’s brilliant pop color palette transforms an everyday street scene into something special. Feature small figurative artworks on their own or in groups to energize your kitchen or office space. Cheerful graphic figurative works are also great choices for children’s rooms and stylish teen bedrooms. (Image: Looking back to Venice Beach, Painting by Saatchi Art artist Fabio Coruzzi)

Modern and Minimal

If you’re a fan of pure, simple interiors with uncluttered space to unwind, but still crave visual inspiration and a pop of color, look towards modern & minimal paintings, drawings, and prints. Modern and minimal art cozies up white spaces and pairs well with natural woods and earthy neutrals. It can also offer a boost to black and white interiors, so if you are a fan of Scandinavian modern or sleek urban style, start here to find art you love.

(Image: the red rigi, by Saatchi Art artist Kim Bartelt) Visit Saatchi Art’s new Art Gifts for Mid-Century Modernists Collection to discover more modern minimal works we love…

Use modern & minimal works to infuse a spare modern space with shape, color, and texture without breaking the bank. Several of the works featured in this season’s catalog are priced at less than $500.

(Image: Abstract composition 776 – Limited edition (20), by Saatchi Art artist jesús perea, features the enticing colors of autumn.)

Stunning Statement Artworks

When you really want one to wow, choose an oversized statement artwork. While oversized works always make your surroundings seem more opulent, featuring one bold work is more affordable than you think – our Fall Catalog features several stunning large abstract paintings and contemporary portraits for $2,500 or less.

There’s no need to live in a sprawling country estate if you want to collect statement art. Oversized works make powerful focal points when decorating small spaces. Try displaying a large artwork you love over your bed or behind the sofa to add texture and depth.
(Image: Paradise Bay, an original acrylic on canvas by Saatchi Art artist Sabina D’Antonio)

Featuring oversized statement artwork in large living rooms and dining rooms is an impressive way to introduce more color. Consider layering large abstracts behind sculptural statement furnishings or figurative sculpture to add a sense of sophistication to your space.

(Image: Young Apathy, a meditative statement painting by Saatchi Art artist David Fredrik Moussallem)

Visit Saatchi Art’s new Fall Catalog to shop our favorite original picks for autumn before they’re gone.

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