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10 Reasons to Love Figurative Art

Whether you love collecting sculpture or paintings and drawings are more to your liking, there are lots of reasons to appreciate the long-standing appeal of nudes and figurative artwork.

#1  Pairing classical figurative sculpture with a gallery of drawings and photos adds an instantly sophisticated feel to any space in your home. Well-placed mirrors are a clever way to add a feeling of spaciousness, and allow your 3-dimensional artwork to be appreciated from all sides, even in a small space.

(Image: Design by Jarret Interior Design, Courtesy of Houzz)

#2  Nude portraits are part of an established artistic tradition, yet they can also be amazing and energizing when re-interpreted in a modern style. I love how this pop art portrait provides an undeniable focal point above the classical fireplace, and how well it coordinates color-wise with both the sofa and decor.

G. Little Construction
(Image: Photo by Roger Turk – Northlight Photography, Courtesy of Houzz)

#3  Small nudes and figurative sculpture are fantastic additions to creative vignettes and mixed art displays. Try combining new original artwork with your existing decorative pieces to transform your space.

#4  Displaying figure-based art in the bath adds color and personality, and well-placed art can also help tie things together with the rest of your décor.

Intimate spaces, intimate art
(Image: Photo by Blue Tangerine Art, Courtesy of Houzz)

#5  Pairing nudes with animal prints evokes a feeling of drama and history

#6  …or try mixing your figurative art with furry textured throws and pastel hues to conjure chic comfort and luxury.

#7  Mixing classical figurative shapes with abstract sculpture and velvety textures is a sure way to keep things interesting. Try featuring large sculptures on their own pedestal for additional visual impact.

(Image: Photo by Katherine Shenaman Interiors, Courtesy of Houzz)

#8  Statement nudes are a striking way to add a touch of warmth and color to clean white modern spaces.

#9  Figurative artwork combines well with lots of different kinds of art to breathe new life into salon gallery walls.

St. Michael
(Image: Photo by mb design studio, Courtesy of Houzz)

#10 Oversized abstract nudes in brilliant colors make an undeniable style statement, and make great conversation starters in any room.

Sefcovic Residence
(Image: Photo by  Mark Boisclair, Design by Tate Studio Architects, Courtesy of Houzz)