How to Pack Your Art Collection for a Move

Preparing to move into a new home presents lots of challenges. Getting your art collection ready to go doesn’t need to be one of them.

Tune in and watch the same videos our Saatchi Art artists use to guide their careful art packing process for shipping to help you prepare your paintings and prints for moving. With a little time and some basic supplies, you can learn the best way to pack and move your art with confidence. You can find Saatchi Art’s additional tips for How to Package Artwork on our website.

Packaging Wrapped Canvas Artworks (Under 48″ x 48″)

(Video: Packaging Wrapped Canvas Artworks (Under 48″ x 48″) from Saatchi Art on Vimeo.)

Packaging Flat Photographs and Drawings

(Video: Packaging Flat Photographs and Drawings from Saatchi Art on Vimeo.)

Packing small framed art and prints

If you’re looking for hints on how to safely pack small framed art and prints for a move, take a look at this short video from the pros at Boston’s Marathon Movers.

In addition to the valuable moving tips included in Marathon’s video, you can tape the front of the picture glass with an ‘X’ of painter’s tape for an extra layer of protection. also offers some helpful general guidelines for packing your art, including a reminder to always use plain, unprinted paper to wrap your artwork. Avoid using printed newspaper as the ink could transfer on to your art’s surface.

Amazon is a good resource for art packing supplies, including adjustable size picture boxes, painter’s tape, corner protectors, glassine, and plain packing paper.

Planning to move your artwork yourself?

Transport your packed art upright, with nothing stacked on top of it. Always make sure your boxed art is securely positioned in the vehicle to protect it from moving around or falling, in case of any sudden stops.

When to Go Pro

Of course professional moving and packing services cost more than DIY, but peace of mind is priceless. When you are interviewing movers, don’t be afraid to ask if they have experience packing artwork, and confirm that the mover is licensed and insured in case the unthinkable happens. Many cities have professional art handlers who specialize in packing, moving, and installing fine art. Their services and expertise can be especially beneficial if you have a large art collection to move or need special crating for valuable artworks or large sculpture. A website like Ship Smart is a good place to start if you’re interested in hiring a professional art handler to help relocate your art collection safely to its new home.

Time for a well-deserved break from all that packing?

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