Everything You Need to Hang Artwork

There’s nothing worse than starting a DIY home design project only to be halted midway through when you realize you’ve forgotten something you need. Hanging artwork is super simple, but it does require a little planning and having the right tools and hardware on hand. While we’re certainly not opposed to the ‘eyeballing it’ method, if you’re trying to create a gallery wall, hang a pair of paintings, or align your artworks with architectural elements in the room, it’s always safer (and usually means less holes in your walls) to break out the level and measuring tape.

Check out the video above for a quick recap of everything you need to hang artwork.

Happy Hanging!

how to hang a painting properly
Artwork by Saatchi Art artist Loui Jover. Shop Loui’s portfolio here. (Image: Found on Loui Jover Tumblr)

#LiveWithArt is Saatchi Art’s ongoing series dedicated to demystifying the process of owning and decorating with artwork. Adding original artwork to a room is one of the fastest and most rewarding ways to instantly make a space come together. It’s also far more affordable than you think. Works on paper, like those above by Loui Jover, are an especially budget-friendly option and a medium that’s easy to fall in love with.

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About the Author

Caitlin Bray is the Senior Marketing Manager at Saatchi Art. She studied History and Art History at Yale University. Her mother is a fine artist and her dog is a mystery mutt named Louise.