6 Ideas on How to Display Art

You asked, we’re delivering. Here are 6 ideas on how to hang art on your walls, whether in your first studio apartment or on the walls of your home. Have a favorite tip we missed? Share in the comments!


1. Center a work above a complimentary piece of furniture.

This might seem obvious, but sometimes knowing just how high  to hang a work or above which piece can cause consternation. A good rule of thumb is to pick the focal point of the room and place works at just above eye-level, keeping the height of your door frames and ceiling in mind. Works don’t need to be centered vertically on the wall – especially if your ceilings are taller than 10 feet! – but don’t be afraid to hang things a bit on the high side. Just remember to keep things at a human scale to create a sense of comfort.


2. Try hanging similar works in pairs or in a panel of 4.

This can make sense for works in a series and establishes different destinations of interest throughout a room, breaking a larger room into gathering areas.


3. Hang works over contrasting accent walls.

Feel free to experiment with mixing texture, style and design motif. These colorful abstract works play well off of the monochromatic floral wallpaper to striking effect. This is a dramatic way of calling attention to the art and integrating it into the space.


4. For a contemporary effect, leave canvas unframed.

This can play well into a more casual atmosphere, allowing the works to take the focus.


5. Mix media, color and styles for a gallery wall.

If this feels too un-structured, keep a sense of unity by featuring works with a common theme and arrange them according to just 1 horizontal line as an organizing principle.


6. Let a really vibrant piece stand alone.

Let visitors to your space enjoy the powerful effect of a piece of art without distraction.