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New York City: Local Artist Bradley Wood

Discover New York City seen from the eyes of a local artist in “A Day in the Life of Bradley Wood.” This week, in honor of our new solo show ‘Domestic Fictions’ presenting new work by Bradley Wood, Bradley offers a peek into his daily life in New York, sharing his favorite spots along the way…

A Day in the Life of Bradley Wood, as told by the artist
Bradley's breakfast

The start of almost every day includes eggs and bacon…and a leftover or two from the night before. The plate you see here was particularly delicious—I call it ‘the carnivore special,’ featuring an omelet wrapped around BBQ chicken and topped with a fried egg.

Oscar, Bradley's dog

Once I am certain I have properly digested, I like to take Oscar out for a run to the water, about 6 miles round trip. His affinity for squirrel-chasing helps me keep a quicker pace.

In Bradley's bag

What I’m packing in my bag today for the studio.

Bradley's bike

I ride Betsy to the train station and take the Metro North to Grand central, then hop the 7 train to Court Square. The 7 is probably the most underappreciated train in NYC. It’s the true heartline of Queens, it has soul—full of character and real, hardworking people.

Best kept secret
One of the best things about my studio is its close proximity to one of my favorite museums—PS.1. I often end up wandering to the rooftop, which seems to be a bit of a well-kept secret. It’s never too crowded, which makes it a great place to have a pre-studio visit meeting. Or a think and a drink.

Bradley's studio

At the studio. Yes, it’s generally this filthy and disorganized. Today I’m doing the final touch-ups for my show in the Lower East Side while also creating work for my next show—at the end of the summer at Angell Gallery in Toronto. The pressure is on. No time for cleaning.

Ed. note: Watch Bradley at work in this video.

Bradley and wife at Raines NYC

After I finish painting. 9:46pm 
This is a picture of my wife and me at Raines Law Room, which is part-owned by a good friend, Jason Hicks. She’s drinking the Garden Paloma, made with tequila and a generous touch of spice around the rim, while I opted for the Scotch-based Penicillin. We are not-so-accidentally sitting beneath one of four paintings that hang in Raines.

See Bradley’s new works, now on view in ‘Domestic Fictions’

Saatchi Art at Parasol Projects | 2 Rivington Street, NYC | June 3–7, 2015 | #domesticfictions


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