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Dark Fantasies: Collections of Art Inspired by Comic Con

“Obelisk” ($1,429) by Alexey Adonin

Every year, Hollywood releases a slew of blockbusters intended to thrill audiences with an updated take on the end of the world. Whether impending doom is delivered by way of robotic extra-terrestrials, sharks falling from the sky, or even a cataclysmic sinkhole just outside a James Franco party, moviegoers never seem to tire of the spectre of imminent apocalypse. As it turns out, futuristic dystopia is also a popular subject on Saatchi Online…

untitled 1 from series ”Lost in Daydreams'” by Mindo Cikanavicius

We couldn’t help but notice that some of the biggest films being touted at this year’s Comic Con include sci-fi thrillers “Enders Game,” “Divergent,” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” so we decided to delve into all things futuristic and dystopian to share some particularly intriguing works from Saatchi Online artists.

Check out our collections inspired by the latest films at Comic Con: Not Too Distant Future and Dystopia. (Preview the collections below).

Are you into Sci-Fi? Tell us which artwork from these collections evokes the genre best for you.

Not Too Distant Future Collection

L-R: “The Modern Personality” by Nathaniel St Amour; “Future Migration” by Hailey Gaiser

Dystopian Collection

L-R: “Memories of Tomorrow #2” by Andy Chen; “Self portrait of the King and Queen” by Aimee Joaristi

L-R: “No past, no future” by Guillem Marí; “POLICE ROBOTS” by Jrn Calo