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Art x Cinema: Top 10 Dinner Parties on Film

This week, all things “dining” are on the menu. What better way to ensure a memorable dinner party than by adding art into the mix? With 10 tips on how to add art to your dining room and a new collection of statement works to prompt conversation, Saatchi Art has got you covered.

Still needing a bit of inspiration? For a lesson in festivity, we turn to the movies for the 10 best dinner parties on film—including one real-life party hosted by none other than Salvador Dalí!

#10: Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan

Warner Bros.

#9: Notting Hill

Polygram Filmed Entertainment

#8: Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney Pictures

#7: Beetlejuice

Geffen Company

#6: Big Night

Rysher Entertainment

#5: I Am Love

First Sun

#4: Hook

Amblin Entertainment

#3: Babette’s Feast

Panorama Film A/S

#2: Like Water for Chocolate

Arau Films Internacional

#1: Dizzy Dalí’s Dinner Party


Did we leave any out? What’s your favorite movie dinner scene?

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