5 Things We Love About Lilly Pulitzer

In celebration of extraordinary mothers and fabulous others, here are 5 things we love about the original tropical trendsetter, Lilly Pulitzer

1. She was an out of the box problem solver with an amazingly fun sense of style.

The idea for her original printed shift dress was conceived as a creative solution to help her conceal fruit stains and keep things cool while working at her juice stand in Palm Beach.

Lilly surrounded by color and pattern in Palm Beach, ca. 1960. Each Lilly store is as unique as the first one!

2. Lilly was a woman who dared to be different

This barefoot socialite worked because she wanted to, and cultivated her iconic brand while raising three children.

Lilly’s shift dress for little girls was named “The Minnie,” in honor of her eldest daughter.

3. Her idea started small, then bloomed into something big

In 1960, Lilly Pulitzer and her friend Laura started out with just 2 simple designs for their dresses, priced at $22 each, and their first customers were women they knew. By 1982, her company’s annual sales topped $15 million.
Uber-stylish Jackie Kennedy was an early Lilly fan, as well as her former classmate. Friends loved Lilly’s carefree fashions and often opened shops of their own, helping the brand to grow.

4. Donning a Lilly makes a striking statement, but is fabulously familiar at the same time

Loving Lilly means you are part of something bigger. Sixties fashionistas who knew what they liked embraced her bold early prints, and she welcomed everyone to join in the fun… even the guys.

We’re confident this jacket’s original owner was the life of the party! Now, it can be YOURS.

5. Each dress is full of surprises

Lily playfully hid her name in her vivid patterns. She loved cats, and animals are often concealed in her colorful prints, too.

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