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What It’s Like to Work with an Art Advisor

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with your very own art advisor? Did you know that Saatchi Art provides a complimentary art advisory service?

My name is Kat, and I am part of the curation team at Saatchi Art. We curators are on hand to work with you directly to help you find works you love.

At Saatchi Art, we care passionately about giving you the best experience we can when discovering and purchasing works of art. Whether you are a seasoned collector, new to purchasing art, or an interior designer, we can recommend works tailored to your style, space, and budget. Depending on your request, we might suggest as many as 30 works for you to consider. What’s more, unlike other art advisory services, there is no additional fee to utilize this service.

Working with an Art Advisor is a simple 3-step process:

  1. To get started, just let us know how to contact you and give us a sense of your budget. You can do that here.
  2. Once we hear from you, one of us will contact you for a bit more information, with questions such as “Do you prefer figurative or abstract works?” and “Do you have a preferred medium, such as paintings over photography?” Whatever your tastes, we want to make sure we are choosing works that you will absolutely love that complement your favorite styles.
  3. Based on what we discuss, we will send you a personalized collection of works within 5 days. We’ll keep the conversation open until you are completely happy with what you’ve discovered. If you have something really specific in mind, we can even work with an artist to commission an artwork on your behalf.

Think you’re interested in trying out Art Advisory? Click the button below to get started. We look forward to helping you in your search for stunning artworks.

About the Author

Katherine Henning is Senior Associate Curator at Saatchi Art. Need help finding art? Contact her via our free Art Advisory service here.