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1. John Tierney (United Kingdom), “Paul Smith, Melrose Avenue, LA (#7)”, painting; Original $6,200
2. Irina Rumyantseva (United Kingdom), “City of Colour 2”, painting; Original $390
3. Dario Moschetta (Italy), “BROOKLYN.BRIDGE.1”, mixed media; Original $900
4. Pavel Brat (Russia), “The End”, assemblage/collage; Original $450
5. Sandy Dooley (United Kingdom), “Towards the Sea”, painting; Original $686
6. Martyna Zoltaszek (United Kingdom), “Head Trip”, painting; Original $3,400
7. Ysabel LeMay (United States), “THE TRANSMITTER”, photography; Edition $6,300
8. Thomas Edetun (Sweden), “All the flowers….”, painting; Original $2,900