Surreal Showdown Judge Announced: LA Artist Marnie Weber

Photo by LeeAnn Nickel, Los Angeles. Photo is courtesy of the artist, Marnie Weber.

We are thrilled to announce that Los Angeles sculptor, performance artist, and musician, Marnie Weber, will be judging the final round of the  Surreal Showdown.

Stemming from the punk rock scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Marnie Weber’s work incorporates punk rock’s reactionary energy, creating environments that never cease to shock and awe. Her immersive video installations,  theater- inspired sculptures and nightmarish videos create an uncanny physical environment out of a distant Freudian notion.

Weber has helped defined a style of Los Angeles surrealism filled with theatricality, magic and terror.  Her work has sprung up in such prestigious institutions as the Centre Pompidou, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Art, LA, as well as unusual locations such as Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum and even a Sonic Youth album cover.

If you’re an artist and wish to participate in Showdown, submissions begin Tuesday, June 5th (12pm pst).  If your an art lover, a collector or a fan of Showdown, stay up to date on all things Showdown here.

To learn more about Marnie Weber be sure to check out this video from the  MOCA show, The Artist’s Museum or visit her site


All photos are from Marnie Weber’s website and courtesy of the artist.