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Who do you prefer? Picasso vs. Matisse

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and Henri Matisse (1869 -1954) were two of the 20th century’s most prominent and influential artists, each revolutionizing their fields and signifying what is most often associated with Modern art.

Picasso and Matisse lived and worked alongside one another, both friends and rivals, and are undoubtedly masters of their craft. The question is: Who do you prefer?

No matter which artist’s work speaks more to you, we’ve got collections of art by Saatchi Online artists inspired by the two greats. Check them out below!

Discover our “Inspired by Picasso” Collection

As one of the most influential artists of all time, Picasso was a key figure in the Cubist movement, known for his famous Blue Period and his painting “Guernica,” which he painted in response to the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War. A celebrated artist even in his lifetime, he associated with several of the avant-garde movements in Paris and was a friend to many of his contemporaries.

Discover our “Inspired by Matisse” Collection

A master of multiple forms, Matisse is best known for his paintings. His unique use of color to express emotion and discover the “essential character of things” is one of his trademarks. Two of his most famous paintings are “La Danse” (1910) and a study for that work, called “La Danse I” (1909). As the former was painted for a Russian patron, it is often associated with composer Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring,” the score to one of the most controversial ballets ever performed in Paris.

Discover our Picasso Collection

Discover our Matisse Collection

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Collection Inspired by Picasso

Collection Inspired by Matisse

1. Hildegarde Handsaeme (Belgium), “Sensualité,” acrylic painting; Original $4,500

2. Ryan Demaree (United States), “Disfeastitia,” oil painting; Original $500

3. Stephan Jaeger (Germany), “Female Musician 1,” oil painting; Original $1,600

4. Elizabeth Nagle (United States), “Say Cheese,” acrylic painting; Original $1,200

5. Christopher Mudgett (United States), “Fall of the Ringleader,” acrylic painting; Original $4,400

6. 傅 仪 (China), “Woman Nude,” oil painting; Original $1,500

7. Josepha Van Den Anker (Canada), “Baldessari’s Jacket & Portion of Matisse Painting Collage,” collage; Original $2,300

8. Laurie Raskin (United States), “Homage to Matisse in Red, Gray, and Black,” acrylic painting; Original $2,000

9. Daniel Kozeletckiy (Ukraine), “Sleeping with the Nipple,” oil painting; Original $1,000

10. Pascal Marlin (France), “Hommage á Matisse 3,” assemblage; Original $1,300