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Painting: Selections from One-To-Watch Artists

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1. Daisy Clarke (United Kingdom), “The Birds”, watercolor; Original $600
2. Jaeyeol Han (South Korea), “Passersby, Coy”, painting; Original $950
3. Graźyna Smalej (Poland), “Towing a Boat”, oil painting; Original $800
4. Hannah Bureau (United States), “Tiller and Hull”, oil painting; Original $800
5. Ysabel LeMay (United States), “The Fire Within”, digital photography; Edition $3,500
6. Martin Stranka (Czech Republic), “Rejected”, photography–C-Type; Edition $1,900
7. Kathleen Finlay (Canada), “Corkscrew Hazel”, photography–Gicleé; Edition $900
8. Alfonso Batalla (Spain), “Superstructures”, photography–Gicleé; Edition $4,000