One to Watch

Grażyna Smalej

Grażyna Smalej is a prize-winning Polish painter and Master of Fine Arts graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. In 2011 she won The Curator’s Award for her painting “The Bath XXXVII” (based on an Andrzej Wajda film). In 2010 she was given the Award of Distinction at the 4th Marian Michalik Triennial of Paintings by Young Artists at The City Art Gallery in Częstochowa, Poland. She is also the recipient of the Minister of Culture Grand Prix for Painting. She has had many solo shows in Poland and has also been in group shows in Germany.

Her stunning, jewel-like paintings, many painted in exquisite emerald green, are based on a solid school of realism, which allows her to move with ease between many traditions, from surrealism through photorealism to figuration juxtaposed with abstract forms. Her works range in price from $350 to $4000 so there are paintings for all budgets.