One to Watch

Karley Feaver

Karley Feaver creates exotic menageries of strange and beautiful creatures through taxidermy, sculpture and photography.

She says: “I am interested in exploring how each creature could exist in a domestic setting by adapting to their surroundings. Through this, my investigations of the animals have developed by morphing animals and other various objects into newly formed creations.”

In 2011 Karley was one of 14 artists chosen to exhibit at the United States Ambassador’s Residence in Wellington. In 2013 she was invited as a guest artist at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and she had a solo show in Auckland. Her works are held in the James Wallace Arts Trust collection, Westpac New Zealand’s corporate collection and in private collections in the UK, Australia, Russia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

The animals Karley uses are ethically sourced and have died of natural causes. None are harmed for the sake of creating art.