One to Watch

Isabelle Alford-Lago

Isabelle Alford-Lago is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and is currently based in Venice, California. She is a full-time artist who originates from Santa Cruz, California. She explores the primitive nature of humanity, not by painting human subjects, but rather through her portraits of gorillas.

Isabelle creates murals of gorillas and places them in diverse environments. Her subjects are often ungroomed and unfazed by their belly fat; they lounge around in whatever space they occupy. Their humor and familiarity as a motif make them easily accessible to a larger audience. Isabelle paints her gorillas in a manner that reminds us of how closely related we are to these charming primates, both in gesture and in behavior.

Her murals can be found in diverse locations from Venice, California, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her works have been exhibited extensively throughout Los Angeles. We love her artwork so much that currently two of her murals can be found in the offices of Saatchi Art!