One to Watch

Alejandra Valdivia’s Fresh Perspective

Chilean aerial photographer Alejandra Valdivia creates stunning images of the world from above. Focusing on both symmetry and disorder, Alejandra’s captivating photographs offer a new perspective on everyday environments. Since 2022, she has participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs. Keep reading to learn more about Alejandra’s process and inspirations.

Tell us about who you are and what you do. What’s your background?

I’m a Chilean artist, currently exploring the world through aerial photography. In 2010, I pursued photography studies in Chicago and subsequently established my portrait-focused studio. It wasn’t until 2020 that I rekindled my interest in landscape photography and ventured into a more authorial style. Participating in a work analysis workshop in 2021 and 2022 opened up new artistic avenues, leading me to delve into aerial photography. This medium has become an integral part of my current series, where I aim to transmute and resignify the everyday landscape.

What does your work aim to say? What are the major themes you pursue in your work? Can you share an example of a work that demonstrates this?

My work revolves around uncovering beauty in the ordinary. It’s an active quest for the hidden harmony in the simplicity of what we see daily, often overlooked by an inattentive eye. In essence, my work stems from an inner transformation, a journey leading me to a new way of experiencing the world. By salvaging the positive and honoring each experience, each lesson, I aim to capture and convey a unique perspective through my art.

Can you walk us through your process for creating a work from beginning to end?

In each series I undertake, I seek a guiding principle, a specific exploration. Sometimes, this arises from a chance encounter I wish to delve into further, and other times from a preconceived idea in my mind. Regardless of the origin of the creative impulse, as I venture outside, I am open to anything that catches my attention. At times, I can spend hours in the same spot, searching for the composition that attracts me the most. In other instances, the final image unfolds in the first shot. I tend to go out and explore many times, capturing images on numerous occasions. The selection of images that best convey my message is a vital part of the creative process.

Who are your biggest influences, and why?

I have a profound appreciation for art in its various forms, including a deep love for poetry, music, and dance. Inspiration frequently finds its way to me through captivating phrases I encounter in reading or listening. Nature serves as another rich source of inspiration for me. Additionally, the works of contemporary artists like Basquiat and Hockney resonate with me, as does my admiration for Rothko’s creations.

How does your work comment on current social and political issues?

I think my work serves as an invitation to adopt a more present and mindful perspective, encouraging individuals to observe and appreciate the current moment. While it may not directly comment on specific social and political issues, the essence of my art lies in promoting conscious and connected living. The collective shift towards a more mindful approach has the potential to contribute to positive transformations in social interactions and communities, indirectly addressing broader societal issues through a focus on the present.

How do you hope viewers respond to your works? What do you want them to feel?

I would love for viewers to emotionally connect with my pieces, discovering a personal meaning and a unique interpretation that resonates with their own experiences and perspectives.