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Which Do You Prefer? Drawing vs. Painting (VIDEO)

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Plus, don’t miss time-lapse videos of artists John Franzen and Oliver Bloom creating their works below!

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Drawing: A Fine Line Collection

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John Franzen working on “Each Line One Breath”:

Oliver Bloom working on “Harvest”:

1. John Franzen (Netherlands), “Each Line One Breath,” Pen and Ink Drawing; Original $1,500

2. Benedicte Gele (France), “Alert IV,” Pastel Drawing; Original $1,900

3. Dalila Dalléas Bouzar (Germany), “Massaker Time,” Colored Pencil Drawing; Original $1,500

4. Melinda Matyas (Romania), “The Follower,” Charcoal Drawing; Original $900

5. Ronald Rupert Santos (United States), “Ink Drawing,” Pen and Ink Drawing; Original $4,000

6. Ad Van Riel (Netherlands), “Residence,” Oil Painting; Original $2,000

7. Oliver Bloom (United Kingdom), “Harvest,” Acrylic Painting; Original $2,500

8. Thomas Saliot (France), “Bubble Gal,” Oil Painting; Original $3,000

9. Koen Lybaert (Belgium), “Abstract No. 637,” Oil Painting; Original $600

10. Linda Colletta (United States), “Running Circles,” Acrylic Painting; Original $1,000