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Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Discover our “A Dog’s Tail” collection

Discover our “All About Felines” collection

The age-old question never fails to incite heated debate: which makes for a better companion, a cat or a dog? Do dog owners differ pointedly from cat owners? We have our ideas, but we better stick to what we know best…ART.

So tell us, are you a dog person or a cat person? Does this affect your taste in art? Let us know!

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A Dog’s Tail

All About Felines

1. Tamas Szikszay (United Kingdom), “Dogs, Balls and a Runner” ($1,300)
2. Martyna Zoltaszek (United Kingdom), “I Want to Be a Superstar” ($500)
3. Patricia Derks (Netherlands), “Pink Dog” ($2,500)
4. Anja Priska (United Kingdom), “Party Without Monkey” ($3,100)
5. Iet Langeveld (Netherlands), “Doggy” ($2,000)
6. Titti Garelli (Italy), “Gothic Queen with a Sphinx Cat” ($4,000)
7. Olga Gal (Romania), “Memories” ($380)ti
8. Carla Broekhuizen (Netherlands), “Spynx Decay” ($750)
9. Daisy Clarke (United Kingdom), “The White Cat” ($1,200)
10. Loui Jover (Australia), “This Be Cat” ($500)