Congratulations to our The Painted World Winner, Runner-Up, and Finalists


We are happy to announce that judge Ryan Mosley has chosen Golnaz Afraz as the winner of The Painted World Showdown and Louise Giovanelli as the runner-up of our The Painted World Showdown competition.


The Painted World Showdown Winner: “Le Reflet du Monde” by Golnaz Afraz

 Praising the high standard of entries, Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson said:

The caliber of the works we received for ‘The Painted World’ was extremely high, with such diversity in style and perspective from artists from all over the world. Having selected Golnaz Afraz for spotlight in our ‘Invest in Art’ series, I’m happy to see her continued success. Golnaz’s masterful use of color and distinctive compositional style set her work apart, and I think we can continue to expect many great things from her in the future. The tremendous talent showcased in the finalists is testament to the robust nature of painting today, which is very exciting.


Runner-Up: “Over Still I Cling” by Louise Giovanelli

Browse all of Ryan Mosley’s Top 10 picks:

First Place: “Le Reflet du Monde” by Golnaz Afraz

Runner-Up: “Over Still I Cling” by Louise Giovanelli

“#6 (Copacabana)” by Bastuzz 

“My Heart Wanders Back to You” by Melissa Loop

“Wind in the Forest” by Armando Rabadan

“Livin’ on the Schiz 69 (Oaktown Brown)” by Mike Carney

“Under the Volcano” by Robert Bubel

“10h 30m” by Woojung Son

“L’amour de soi” by Julien Spianti

“The Drowned World” by Nick Potter

Thank You

Many thanks to all those who submitted entries. We were thrilled with the high quality of the almost 5,000 submissions. We also thank those who participated in the community vote during the First Round.

Stay tuned for our next Showdown!