Artist Tips

Artists, Carpe 2017 By Checking These 4 To Do’s Off Your List

Get a jump start on a productive new year. We’ve compiled this helpful list for our Saatchi Art artists – four items sure to get you off on the right foot in 2017. Something you’re still curious about that we didn’t cover below? Leave a note in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and get you the help you need.

1. Update the status of your artworks.

Make sure your inventory of available artworks is up to date! If one of the works you’ve uploaded to Saatchi Art is sold elsewhere, we encourage you to keep the image up on our site, as collectors are interested in seeing the works you’ve sold as well as the works that are currently available. However, it’s important that you edit the artwork details to indicate to collectors that the work is sold and no longer available for purchase. Except when the work is sold through Saatchi Art, then there’s no need to update the artwork details, as they’ll be updated automatically. Click here for help on updating the status of works.


2. Upload new works to your portfolio. 

Upload accurate, quality images of your artwork. It’s extremely important to upload images that represent your artwork to buyers as true to life as possible. If the artwork has changed in appearance from when the photograph was taken, please take the time to re-photograph the work. Also, since our collectors can’t see the works in person, they heavily rely on our “View in a Room” feature to visualize how an artwork will look in their home. Please be sure to double check your artwork’s dimensions and orientation. Click here for help with artwork uploads and dimensions.

Pricing your originals appropriately is also critical to selling your work. As an artist, you should always be prepared to explain how and why you have arrived at your prices. Therefore, it’s very important to adopt consistent, fact-based pricing principles and methods. We suggest pricing your art based on comparables – especially art that has sold, not art that has yet to be sold. Set your prices similar to those of other artists with similar experience and who work in similar mediums. Consider factors that have a bearing on price such as dimensions, medium, materials, and the artists’ achievements such as prizes, exhibitions, press, etc. The price of your artwork should also include any packaging costs you might incur if the work sells. Click here for help on pricing your artwork. 

Tip from our curators: It’s a good idea to have artworks in a range of prices, as this will widen the net of people who may be interested in your work.


3. Update your profile with any new exhibitions, awards or residencies, and consider a refresh of your artist’s statement. 

Every day collectors ask our curators for more information about artists on Saatchi Art they like, so providing relevant info is really beneficial. Supplying this kind of information in your profile can both increase your chances of selling an artwork and being featured by our curators. Finding out more about you as an artist is very important to art collectors who are considering buying your work, as well as to our own curators when selecting artworks for Saatchi Art’s featured collections and special series like Inside the Studio and One to Watch.

Your bio should include information such as: where you were born and raised; where you currently live; your education; prizes and awards you’ve won; exhibitions that you’ve taken part in; and collections (both private and public) that include your work. Whilst the artist statement is just a basic description of your works and your reason for creating them. A successful artist statement clearly explains the reason you’ve made your work. Click here for help on writing your bio. 

Tip from our curators: Use the following prompts to craft a comprehensive and compelling artist’s statement…

What is the subject matter of my work?
What is my work about?
How do I make my work?
Where do I find the images I use?
How do I want the audience to respond to my work?
How does my work compare to historical or contemporary artwork?

4. Promote your work on social media.

Make the most of online platforms! We heavily encourage artists to use social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share and promote their work – you can be sure that collectors and curators do. By joining Saatchi Art, your online portfolio has the potential to reach a global audience of art lovers– last year we sold works to collectors in over 80 countries. Make it easy for people from all over the world to buy your artworks by including your portfolio link on your website, blog, on business cards and in your social media profiles. As always, Saatchi Art is free and open to all artists to upload their work. Click here for help on connecting social media accounts to your profile

Tip from our curators: Artists often ask how they might better stand out on social media and across the Saatchi Art site. This might seem simple but in order to stand out, channel your individuality into your work. Building a signature sense of style is a breath of fresh air for curators who are most impressed when great ideas are realized through brilliant execution. It’s important to give your work some context by showing pieces on your studio wall or in a gallery. Most of all, be persistent with your own marketing efforts and showing off new work.

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