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Saatchi Online Updates – Sales From Around the World

We’re frequently asked by artists about sales.  Generally  everyone has the same question – – what’s the most popular genre?  What’s the most popular style?  What’s the most popular price point?  Well the best answer is, there isn’t one.

From a 5 pound sculpture that can fit in the palm of your hand to a 500 pound installation.  From an intricate drawing to a bold, over-sized painting.  From original art starting at $100, to many multiples of that, collectors continue to discover and purchase  art online from Berlin to Buenos Aires.

After you check out these recent sales, we encourage you to check out your profile.  Is it up to date?  Do you have a bio and photo?  Have you uploaded your most recent work?   We’d certainly hate to have to tell one of our collectors that the piece they want isn’t available.



An edition of 'I found the silence" by Martin Stranka sold for $1,900.00 to a collector in Knoxville, TN.


Painting "O.R" by Howard Ross sold for $4,000.00 to a collector in Dallas, TX.


Harvest Moon by Kievan Havens sold to a collector in Charlottesville, VA for $256.00
"Folio 28" by Thomas Nitter sold for $800.00 to a collector in Melbourne, Australia


Sculpture "Streamer 2" by Frans Muhren sold for $300.00 to a collector in Austria
"Man Portrait" by Hugo Capnot sold for $500 to a collector in Los Angeles, California.
"Neuhaus", a photo-realistic drawing, by artist Andrea Jancovicova sold for $750.00 to a collector in San Diego, California
"Glitter, Ripple" by Pascale Chau-Huu sold for $750.00 to a collector in Luxembourg.

“October Moon” by artist Popi Marden sold for $14,000 to a collector in the northeast.


'Brigitte Bardot "I don't think when I make love"' by artist Alejandro Vigilante sold for $12,000 to a collector in New Jersey