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Rebecca Wilson’s 4 Must-See Artists at The Other Art Fair Bristol

Bridget Davies

Copy of 600px x 300px – Untitled Design-4

Layering personal experience with ideas from literature and conversation, Bridget uses the genre of fashion painting to create scenarios and characters that she would best describe as visual anecdotes, blended fact and fiction that tell secret stories drawn from her own presence and desires. See more artworks by Bridget Davies

Vesna Milinkovic

Copy of 600px x 300px – Untitled Design-3

Abstract and the avant garde is Vesna’s passionate focus as a painter, with particular emphasis in the organic expression of geometric forms. 50’s American abstract expressionism, however, is ultimately the stuff that pulls at her heart strings the most. See more artworks by Vesna Milinkovic.

Claire Newman-Williams

Copy of 600px x 300px – Untitled Design-5

Returning to the UK in 2005, Claire began working with alternative processes and old cameras, blending original photographs with found text and objects to produce intensely personal multi-media pieces that challenge the viewer to examine the role that identity plays in our lives. See more artworks by Claire Newman-Williams.

Ange Mullen-Bryan

Copy of 600px x 300px – Untitled Design

A painter from Stroud, Gloucestershire, Ange depicts nature scenes rich in shadow and color. These unsteady places rest somewhere between comfort and unease, where you are neither safe nor vulnerable but feel both as if they were close. See more artworks by Ange Mullen-Bryan.

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