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Pin for a chance to Win $1,000 in the Signature Color Sweepstakes

Saatchi Art presents the Signature Color Sweepstakes. Pin your signature color for a chance to WIN $1,000.

Signature Color Sweeps

What’s your signature color?

Do you have a favorite color, one that defines your personality? Maybe you love wearing red from head-to-toe or have painted all the rooms in your house a particular shade of blue. Perhaps you drive around in a hot yellow car or sign all your cards in green ink. Show us how you define yourself through color and enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 at Saatchi Art.

Pascale Taurua Gustavo Ortiz

The Signature Color Sweepstakes is a chance for you to win a $1,000 gift card at Saatchi Art. All you need to do is enter your contact information and pin an example of a color you identify with to Pinterest. Here’s how:

Ian Mclean Patricia Derks


1. Click here to get started.

2. Select your signature color, either from among the 6 images provided on the entry page OR from anywhere on the web.

➤Option A: To select from among the 6 images provided, simply hover over your desired image and click “Select.”

➤Option B: To pin from the web, enter the URL address where your color image appears and click “Search.” Then click “Select” over your image of choice and then “Done” at the top of the page.

3. Next, enter your contact information in the fields provided and click “Submit and Pin.”

4. Pin your selected image to one of your Pinterest Boards and click “Pin It.” That’s it!

John Tierney


Deadline to submit your entry is September 10th, 2014. The winner will be selected at random and will be announced mid-September. Prize: $1,000 gift card at Saatchi Art. All terms and conditions are available here.



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