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Meet the Saatchi Art Fall Catalog Featured Artists

This season, we’re thrilled to present these six emerging Saatchi Art artists. From pop art to contemporary landscapes to minimalist abstracts, their work is as diverse as it is exciting. While each artist has several featured artworks in our 2016 Fall Catalog, there are many more works for you to discover by exploring their portfolios. Read on to learn a bit more about each artist and click the links below to browse more of their artworks.

David Fredrik Moussallem

David Fredrik Moussallem tells stories from the streets. Born in Finland and now living in Toronto, he finds inspiration for his mixed media paintings and collages in the city itself, tearing down posters and flyers he comes across and exploring local subcultures during his travels. His careful balance of color, space, and typography stems from his background as a designer–he studied advertising and graphic design before committing himself to painting. View David’s portfolio.

Stephanie Rivet

Spontaneity is at the core of Stephanie Rivet’s practice. Inspired by nature, her aqueous, vibrant abstract paintings are reflections of her feelings and intuition. She experiments with gestural brushstrokes and vivid colors, often mixing paint directly on the canvas with a palette knife, to produce dreamlike and luminous works. “Randomness is a great part of my approach. I work with my feelings, exploring what’s hidden beneath and letting it surface,” she says. View Stephanie’s portfolio.

Fabio Coruzzi

“Each painting I make is like a poem about a place,” says Fabio Coruzzi. Born in Italy and now living in Los Angeles, his works depict the urban environments he visits and the people in them, with a current focus on his new home in California. He paints iconic neighborhoods – Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles freeways – capturing the architecture, billboards, storefront signs, and the endless blue Californian skies. View Fabio’s portfolio.

Jessy Cho

Since she left South Korea, Jessy Cho has been painting as a way of coping with missing her family, friends, and the country she left behind. Jessy trained in fashion and fiber arts at Parsons School for Design in New York and Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea, and she brings this experience to her delicate paintings with their careful composition of lines, angles, white space and flowing yarns–hardly visible unless viewed up close. View Jessy’s portfolio.

Campbell La Pun

“A neon world of candy-colored madness that perpetually blinks in the artificial brightness of New York’s Times Square and the Shibuya district in Tokyo” is how Campbell La Pun describes his works. Using everything from stencils to aerosol and acrylic paint, his paintings take us on a dizzying trip through urban stencil art and the world of Japanese Kawaii cuteness and Kimochi sensations. View Campbell’s portfolio. 

Elizabeth Lennie

Elizabeth Lennie is fascinated by water, attributing it as the backdrop to many significant moments in her life. An avid swimmer and scuba diver, Elizabeth paints leisure scenes inspired by childhood memories of summer, the fluctuating Canadian climate, and travels to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Her paintings, with their vibrancy and signature soft focus, often revisit the same image to evoke a summer experience familiar to many, albeit with different techniques. She experiments with thin washes of paint, thicker impasto layers, and sometimes adds cold wax and graphite to her works. View Elizabeth’s portfolio.

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