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Meet The Others: Maya Land

The Game Changers. The Rule Breakers. The Innovators. Discover some of the fantastic emerging talent showcasing their work this London at The Other Art Fair 

Meet London based artist Maya Land, who uses collage to bring her visions to life. Maya pulls from every day experiences, some hers, some belonging to others, crafting intriguing and multi layered pieces that depict thoughts and memories. Her bright, contrasting works are bound to get you thinking. 

Birthday cake Collage | Maya Land

We asked Maya a few questions about her practice so you could get to know her a little better …

What can audiences visiting the Fair expect from your booth curation?

For the first time in my career the visitors will be able to see my original collages exhibited at the fair. Im super excited to show them and for everyone to see them.

Tell us a little about your process and materials used in creating your artworks…

I use vintage images that I have collected over the years to create my artworks. All of my collages are handmade and on the internet people call me Human photoshop which I quite like.

How were you introduced to collage and photo manipulation, where do you source inspiration from?

I have always done collage art but I never took it seriously. Originally I wanted to be an oil painter and that’s what I studied at the Art Academy in London, but after graduating I realised that my true love is collage art and I never looked back! My inspiration comes from generally just life and life experiences. Some experiences are mine and some are someone else’s. Sometimes its a book that inspires me or music but mainly people and this magical earth that we live on! I find magic in simple everyday life.

What scale do you work on, and does this vary from series to series?

My work is mainly small due to vintage images being small. I have few series that I work on. Underwater series are inspired by mystery of life underwater in the oceans. Inside outside are one of my favourite series and they are inspired by my love for indoors but need for outdoors and ever striving to find balance between both. I also have Universe series and Home series which are new and explore the idea of home and what home can be for different people.

Beach life Collage | Maya Land

Would you describe your work as Surrealist, and if so where do you find inspiration for that?

Yes I think people will call my work Surrealism but I think that its more real to me than this reality sometimes.

Join us at The Truman Brewery this October 13 – 16 and meet Maya along with 150 other game changing artists.