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Meet 5 Artists Collectors Loved in June

Ever wondered what other people are buying for their personal art collections? Though your tastes may differ, sometimes seeing what others are purchasing can help you discover new artists whose works you might not otherwise have considered. Let your voyeuristic impulses run free and meet 5 artists who have proven to be popular favorites with our collectors.

For more ideas, peruse recently sold works. You can always contact our curators to help you find similar works in your budget.

Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela creates a fine balance of contemporary creativity. Her work centers on a fusion of traditional imagery and digitally enhanced motifs, weaving in a surreal composition. Miss Aniela’s “Surreal Fashion” collection is where beauty meets absurdity and couture meets chaos, in a series of fine-art/fashion-fused photographic tapestries. See more artworks by Miss Aniela

Campbell Laird

Campbell Laird is an award-winning, Los Angeles based Tasmanian artist. He has been recognized by many museum curators from SF MoMA, MoCA and LACMA for his meditative abstractions. His works are also part of private collections across the globe, from NYC to modernist homes in the Hollywood Hills, London, Sydney, Madrid, and Tokyo. See more artworks by Campbell Laird

Harry Moody

Harry Moody received his formal training as an artist at the Frankfurt Stadel Fine Art Academy in Germany. He majored in Free Painting under the Professors Johannes Schreiter, Thomas Bayrle, and Josef Beuys. At the Stadel Academy, he was also introduced to the works and philosophies of then residing Professor Gerhard Richter, who profoundly influenced Moody’s artistic direction. See more artworks by Harry Moody.

Igor Shulman

Igor Shulman finds creativity in every aspect of his life. Even in his dreams, he is drawing new pictures and thinking out a new reality in his art. Shulman believes there are no unknown zones or closed doors in art. He can draw, paint or project freely as his heart desires. See more artworks by Igor Shulman.

Chin H Shin

Chin H Shin’s goal is to transform street scenes of daily life into a form of visual poetry. Ultimately, Chin is looking for an extremely positive mental satisfaction found through his work. This can be broken down technically as light and color; light standing for hope for our future. His goal is to create a new kind of expressionism in which all materials, techniques or subjects could serve as bridge to his real painting philosophy. See more artworks by Chin H Shin.

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