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London: Artist List Announced

We embrace art in all forms; whether it’s the painting that makes you think, the sculpture that makes you question, or the artist that inspires you. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself because our artist list for The Other Art Fair London is now live! Join us from 1 – 4 July, 2021 at West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross to meet over 100 forward-thinking and inspiring emerging artists, discover 1000s of artworks suiting every budget and style, and get involved in our unique visitor features!

Anouka Pedley, London Senior Fair Manager “I’m thrilled to share with you our London artist line up for what will be the first in-person London art fair this year. From colourful prints to quirky canvases, this selection of artists will leave you inspired to brighten up your art collection this Summer. Below I’ve highlighted a few artists I’m particularly excited about, so don’t miss out on seeing them the Fair! Yes, actually seeing them in real life!

Vanessa Endeley (above): Lagos-born, London-based photographer Vanessa Endeley brings her beautiful and compelling portraits to life using a pops of colour. In blindfolding all of her subjects, she ‘obscures the tales that lie beneath’ and prompts the viewer to search beyond the initial facade.

Jen Gash (above): Winner of Landscape Artist of the Year 2018, self-taught painter, Jen Gash, employs her experience in her psychology career as the backdrop for her varied artworks. She tackles themes such as the fragility of children and teenagers, abandoned play and leisure environments and themes around engagement and disengagement in activities. While these may seem like obscure inspirations for landscape paintings, you have to see Jen’s portfolio to really understand this motive. 

Kay Gasei (above): London based artist Kay Gasei has a completely unique style guiding his surreal, figurative drawings. Depicting recurring figures and motifs, Kay’s work can be interpreted in many different ways and never fails to peak the viewer’s curiosity. 

Phoebe Boddy (above): Inspired by food and flavour, and it’s ability to transport you anywhere, Phoebe Boddy has incorporated this phenomenon into her bold, abstract paintings. A relatively new artist to the scene, Phoebe’s fascination with consumption shines through in her unique artworks. 

Sophia Oshodin (above): London-based painter Sophia Oshodin draws on narrative scenes of domestic interaction in her bold, figurative paintings. Using multiple thick layers of paint, vivid colours and expressive brush strokes, Sophia’s compositions invite the viewer to create their own interpretations. 

Kat Kristóf (above): Blending her love of architecture and portraiture, Katalin Kristof uses flat plains of bold and contrasting colours to sculpt her dreamlike landscapes and compositions. Taking inspiration from fashion magazines, memories and architectural studies, Katalin incorporates all of her passions into her diverse paintings.