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Get to Know: Fabio Coruzzi

Fabio Coruzzi‘s mixed media paintings capture the beauty in the everyday and ordinary through his energetic yet introspective interpretations of urban life scenes. Using art as a platform for social critique, Fabio paints the cultural reality of metropolitan experiences with subject matters ranging from fashion trends to sporting events. The pop-art aesthetic of Fabio’s works innovatively incorporates a wide variety of mediums – e.g. acrylic, oil pastel, gel ink, graphite – that results in highly textured and vibrant paintings.

“Pump” by Fabio Coruzzi via Saatchi Art

“Everyday I search for art through little gems hidden behind the mysterious beauty of time and space. I know for sure that art exists everywhere.” 

“Loser #5” by Fabio Coruzzi via Saatchi Art

Currently based in Los Angeles, Fabio received his degree in Illustration at the University of Arts London with a specialization in printmaking and photography. He has exhibited extensively in countries around the world including Spain, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Most recently, Fabio participated in the International Biennial of Contemporary Art Emerging Eve-Maria Zimmermann (BACOS) in Spain.

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