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Collector Favorites: November, ed. 1

When it comes to art, we always say, “Only buy what you love.” Sometimes, though, seeing what others are buying can help you discover new artists whose works you might not otherwise have considered. Below, meet 5 artists who have proven to be popular favorites with our collectors.

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Lauren Matsumoto


Lauren Matsumoto is a painter whose work explores how we relate to nature. She is best known for her hybrid form of painting, drawing, and collage. She is a full-time painter at her studio in Brooklyn, NY. See more artworks by Lauren Matsumoto

Marilina Marchica


Marilina Marchica is interested in the different shades of reality, landscapes and cities. Her color tones are often recurring in shades of white and gray. The horizon line is present in the landscape artworks as a way to balanced order and disorder, chaos and cosmos.  See more artworks by Marilina Marchica



BAHMAN,a self-taught artist, is influenced by various Schools, from the encaustic paintings of the antiquity (the Fayum portraits) to the more refined works of the Quattrocento. He finds inspiration in mysticism and esotericism with borrowed elements from various Schools of thought. See more artworks by BAHMAN.

Stephanie Rivet


In Stephanie Rivet’s world, life is presented in a universe of fantasies where abstraction and figuration are side by side in harmony. Colours and transparency evoke dreamlike effects and bring playful charm to her paintings. See more artworks by Stephanie Rivet

Jérôme Rochette


Jérôme Rochette is an artist from Quebec City. His work is symbolic and narrative. He likes to play with iconography and the sacred. The paintings of Jérôme Rochette aim to spark a dialogue between the portrayal of a given object and the artistic universe that it inhabits. See more artworks by Jérôme Rochette

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