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Collector Favorites: January, ed. 2

Ever wondered what other people are buying for their personal art collections? Though your tastes may differ, sometimes seeing what others are purchasing can help you discover new artists whose works you might not otherwise have considered. Below, meet 5 artists who have proven to be popular favorites with our collectors.

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Loui Jover

Loui Jover is known for his hand drawn stark black lines on intricately printed words of book pages. He believes these works offer a strange fusion and depth that seems to give the images a kind of ‘meaning’ and back story, even though unconnected in a contrived way. See more artworks by Loui Jover

HyunRyoung Kim

HyunRyoung Kim aims to depict both the ‘fact’ and the emotion of the world around us; the sensorial as well as the spiritual or ephemeral. She invites us to open up to the infinite possibilities of connection with and exploration of the world around and within us through her exploration of colors, shapes, portions, lines and mediums. See more artworks by HyunRyoung Kim

Elizabeth Lennie

Elizabeth Lennie lives and works in Toronto, Canada, as both a commercial voice-over narrator and visual artist. She works with oil on canvas and explores notions of self within the liquid landscape of the hot and cold Canadian climate, and the warm waters of the Caribbean. See more artworks by Elizabeth Lennie.

Alicia LaChance

Alicia LaChance is a full time painter based out of St. Louis, Missouri. She is represented by many galleries across the United States. LaChance is also the co-founder of Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, a community based exhibition space that focuses on the exchange between regional artist and curators. See more artworks by Alicia LaChance.

Marta Zawadzka

Marta Zawadzka constantly travels between the two worlds of spiritual and matter. She finds a balance in her work through the mosaic of colours, feelings and emotions. Marta tries to avoid any over-intellectualisation of her works, so her subconscious can guide the brush until the perfect beauty emerges. See more artworks by Marta Zawadzka.

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