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Brooklyn: Sunshine on a Cloudy day

Remember the joy of finding a shape in the clouds? Looking up and seeing a cloud that looked like a llama or two lovers dancing?  British Artist Alex McIntyre’s sweeping cloudscapes reminds viewers of the beauty of slowing down and looking up.

Alex McIntyre’ abstract landscapes are made using ink and gesso on birch or poplar. She is inspired by the joy of light, land, sky, and weather. Her work is universal, not referencing any particular place but is an amalgamation of journeys through a landscape. The sweeping brushstrokes simultaneously show movement and immense calm.


Alex McIntyre, Ultra Marine Like Larksong

Her work is inspired by walking and running in the British countryside. Alex works from a studio on a farm in Hertfordshire and her understanding of landscape is evident in her work. Her paintings capture the overwhelming power and expansiveness of natural environments.  Her approach which uses light fast acrylic ink and traditional gesso ground on birch creates a depth with adds to these expansive scenes with a horizon that feels out of reach

“I work with traditional gesso ground because it is an incredibly sensitive and responsive surface. I use sandpaper, wood carving tools and wire wool to push the ink into the gesso surface. Even the finest of marks show up.”

Alex McIntyre, Sky Mind Rushing

Alex McIntyre’s work will be on show at the Brooklyn Edition of The Other Art Fair: October 7-10 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.