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These Fair Alums are Album Art Maestros

The Other Art Fair, a haven for independent artists, has seen its fair share of talents who have harmoniously blended their artistic prowess with the world of music. As the holiday season and music-filled festivities continue, we thought it was about time to spotlight these five past exhibitors and Guest Artists who have lent their creative genius to the album covers of notable musicians and bands. Let’s just say it’s your next claim-to-fame when you next play their music amongst friends or even better, have the artists work on your wall.

(above: Kristjana S Williams – Coldplay album)

Kristjana S Williams – Coldplay

A veteran of various The Other Art Fair editions worldwide, Kristjana S Williams was commissioned by Coldplay to weave together the iconic visuals of their 20-year history for the live album ‘A Head Full of Dreams: Live in Buenos Aires and Live in Sao Paulo.’ The result is a mesmerizing tapestry of Coldplay’s journey, featuring reimagined animals, the Flower of Life, and even a nod to Chris Martin’s drink of choice. It’s a visual celebration of a band’s evolution.

(above: Kristjana S Williams – Coldplay album creation)

(above: Dan Hillier installation at The Other Art Fair)

Dan Hillier – Royal Blood

At the Los Angeles and Dallas 2019 editions, Guest Artist Dan Hillier conceived The Earth Cube – an immersive space for visitors to find connection with Nature and the greater Cosmos. Before this, Dan’s artwork ‘Pachamama’ was specially selected by Royal Blood as their debut album cover – the cosmic allure of the artwork became the backdrop for live gigs, turning the album into not just a sonic journey but a visual spectacle.

(above: Dan Hillier – Royal Blood album and Royal Blood live)

(above: Nikko Washington – Noname album)

Nikko Washington – Noname

As a local, Chicago exhibitor Nikko Washington has a deep connection to the city’s evolving landscape, displayed through his memorable work brought to us by AMFM. Nikko’s childhood connections led him to a collaboration with Noname to create an artwork reflecting the delicate balance between life and death. Departing from digital work, Nikko hand-painted a physical piece, adding a tangible layer to Noname’s music, amplifying the complexity of the album’s themes.

(above: Clinton Gorst – Lance Gurisik album)

Clinton Gorst – Lance Gurisik

Hailing from multiple Australian editions, Clinton Gorst crafted the dreamy album artwork for Lance Gurisik’s debut album, a contemporary jazz/electronica masterpiece. The collage-driven cover unfolds a visual narrative across the back, front, and insert, transporting listeners on a mesmerizing journey through a portal to a blue planet. This Aria-nominated album not only tantalizes the ears but also offers a feast for the eyes.

(above: Laurie Vincent – Slaves album street art)

Laurie Vincent – Slaves

As the Guest Artist of our London 2022 edition, Laurie Vincent, one half of the punk duo Slaves, turned his painting into the album artwork for ‘Take Control’. The stark contrast between the colorful outer package and the personal, black-and-white inner sleeve creates a visceral experience that complements the album’s raw energy.

(above: Laurie Vincent and Laurie Vincent – Slaves vinyl and CD)

Twisting the narrative slightly, The Other Art Fair has also found immense joy welcoming musicians into its artistic catalog and presenting their art to fair-goers. Icons like Brandon Boyd, Ronnie Wood, and Loyle Carner have exhibited through the fair in guest appearances, showcasing another dimension of their creative power and deepening the intersection between visual and sonic artistry.

Consider this a subtle hint to gift more than just music this holiday season – gift a story, a journey through both sound and sight, encapsulated in the breathtaking album art created by these visionary artists. Let the vinyl spin, the colors dance, and the festive spirit soar.