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6 Inspiring Artist Studios We Love

 Inspiration can strike at any moment in the life of an artist but is usually the studio where ideas and concepts come to life. There is a certain intimacy that’s granted when we are privy to this sacred space—below are a few artist studios of Saatchi Art artists that both reveal and inspire.

1. Erin Armstrong

A collection of Erin’s colorful abstract portraits amassed in her studio evokes immediate delight and curiosity about her process.

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The snapshot below provides an intimate view to elements that might serve as inspiration in TADAO’s works.

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3. Annie Terrazzo

No shame in the selfie game; in this particular image, we see Annie in her natural element in-process creating her original work A Petal for Your Thoughts.

Shameless selfie while I work…. #artistatwork #illustration #art #losangeles #sugarbush

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 4. Andrew Salgado

We wouldn’t mind having a seat and taking in the views of Andrew’s vibrant abstract portraits.

Sit down and stay a while ☕️ #studio #londonartist #londonfields #nude #workonpaper #figurativestudy

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5. Zil Hoque

The natural light perfectly illuminates the works of British artist Zil; the artist is known for his works celebrating Spanish culture, people, and history.

Work in progress Jan 2017

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6. Rossina Bossio

A sneak peek into Colombian artist Rossina’s studio where we see a medley of brushes and tools along with a work-in-progress.

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