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2 No-Hang Ways to Display Art

If you’re like menot entirely foreign to a toolbox but preferring to have as little interaction with it as possibledisplaying art can be daunting. But, fear not – there are a few no-hang approaches to the whole thing that will have you breathing a sigh of relief. Inspired by our recent Wall Makeover Giveaway on Instagram, where we asked a few designers and style influencers to show us how they would quickly refresh a wall using artwork, enjoy these two quick ideas that will set you right.

Got a mantle?

One of our fav interior designers, Ginny Macdonald, took three works and made magic. Arranged above the mantle, punctuated with some plants and various baubles, this style is not only enviable, but easy to replicate.

Unexpected pairings

#Giveaway 🎉 // One of my favorite parts about decorating is picking out art for spaces. Usually I get overwhelmed, but for this new house I focused more on investing in pieces I love than just filling space. 🙈 Finally. // I used the curation services on @saatchiart and scored originals and limited edition prints (so freaking happy about this collage) and can’t wait to get them all installed in a few weeks. 💃🏼 Their selection was huge, so it helped to have someone sort it into my style and price range. // If you’re looking to revamp your walls or just want to invest in quality pieces, @saatchiart is currently hosting a #SAWallMakeover #Giveaway on their feed where three winners will win a $1,000 gift card! That’s a lot of art… Be sure and head to their profile to enter. You can also check out our curated picks (including pieces we had on our short list!) on their website. #ad

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New cocktail: any dark liquor, art. Stir, enjoy. Lynsey Eaton of TomboyKC and stylish blogger Brooke Burnette both placed artwork bar-side and convinced us that no cart is complete without art as part of the offering.

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