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7 Outdoor Sculpture Installations That Will Make You Smile

Now that spring is here, you don’t need to choose between spending valuable leisure time outside and soaking up some culture indoors. These seven amazing outdoor sculpture installations are proof that sometimes you can have the best of both worlds. Take an art break and enjoy these clever creations.

1… Jerusalem’s giant poppies, Warde were designed by HQ Architects. These oversized flowers are motion activated, blooming in greeting as people and trains approach, then closing again when things get quiet. The poppies also provide shade and light for those who wait underneath.

Learn more about Warde here.

2… Choi + Shine’s Land of Giants are towering functional sculptures that were proposed to carry power lines across vast stretches of Iceland’s terrain. They can be configured into different poses to meet the needs of the landscape. Although they have not been constructed yet, the Giants may be appearing in 2017.

Learn more about Choi + Shine’s Land of Giants here.

3… Displaying genuine curb appeal, Austrian artist Werner Reiterer’s chandelier light posts add a dose of unexpected elegance to a street corner in Vienna.

Learn more about Werner Reiterer’s Street Chandelier here.

4… Wonder Space II is a rainbow-hued interactive knit play structure on display at the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan. Its creator artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam knits many of her works by hand.

Learn more about Wonder Space II here.

5… Art perched in the trees lends an element of mysterious delight to the city streets in Geneva. French artist Cédric Le Borgne created these elegant illuminated wire birds for a recent festival.

Learn more about Le Désir et la Menace here.

6… Olivier Grossetête’s dreamily inventive “Bridge of Monkeys” floats suspended by 3 oversized helium balloons in England’s Tatton Park to celebrate the park’s Biennial in 2012.

Learn more about Bridge of Monkeys here. 

7… Back from its world travels, this 43 foot-tall pop pup by Jeff Koons welcomes museum visitors (and topiary-lovers!) to it’s permanent home at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. First shown in 1992, Puppy is made up of about 40,000 flowering plants that are refreshed every spring and autumn.

Learn more about Jeff Koons’ Puppy here.

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