The Others

Waterfalls & Wallpaper: David Wightman

The Other Art Fair takes five minutes to catch up with Fair artist David Wightman after a busy and successful year painting.

Hi David, 2015 was a busy year for you! Please tell us about it…
I exhibited twice at The Other Art Fair in 2015 so was hugely busy making paintings for both fairs.


I also released new print editions with Jealous Gallery, finished a few private commissions, and showed work at the London Art Fair, LAPADA and the 20|21 British Art Fair!

How did your new relationship with Long & Ryle come about?
Long & Ryle saw my work at the April 2015 edition of The Other Art Fair and we discussed working together. I subsequently showed with them at LAPADA and the 20|21 British Art Fair after the October edition of The Other Art Fair. The success of these fairs prompted plans for a solo show with them for October 2016.


You have worked with galleries, including Sumarria Lunn, Halcyon Gallery, Jealous Gallery, My Life in Art and Scream Gallery, so how does this compare to representing your work independently at The Other Art Fair? What advice would you give to artists hoping to work with galleries?
The appeal of the fair is its position as an opportunity to meet a diverse group of people who are interested in your work.

Discussing my work with collectors and fellow artists has changed how I think about my own practice and has given me the confidence to explore new ideas.

Working with galleries is massively important. I would encourage all artists to follow up leads from interested gallerists.

My advice would be to say yes to opportunities that come your way, foster relationships with people who genuinely appreciate your work, and remember that all good galleries expect professionalism and hard work!


Which was your highlight artwork of the past year? Any artworks you were particularly sad (though pleased!) to sell and say goodbye to?
Ottoline is certainly a favourite piece of mine from 2015. It sold to a new collector at the October edition of The Other Art Fair. However I am never sad to say goodbye to paintings as I love to see my work find their new homes. I’m very precious with how I make my work (a typical painting can take 2-3 weeks to complete), yet I don’t wish to keep anything except photographs of my pieces.


What is the intention for your forthcoming solo show with Long & Ryle in 2016? What is the direction your work will take?
I’d like to make a new collection of landscape paintings for my solo show with Long & Ryle.

My colour palette has become brighter, bolder, and far more varied. My compositions and use of wallpaper have become more bold too. I really want to highlight this aspect of my work in a unified solo exhibition. Expect vividly painted and meticulously collaged, fictional landscape paintings consisting of mountains, hills, lakes, and possibly a few waterfalls too!


David will be showing new paintings with Long & Ryle at the London Art Fair. His solo show with the gallery space at 4 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4PX is scheduled for October 2016. Full details will be released via our social media pages – keep checking in!