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Rounding Up Some of Our Favorite Moments from The Other Art Fair, New York

We had a blast at the inaugural edition of The Other Art Fair, New York. Such a blast, we keep reminiscing and remembering all of the fun times and special moments. What fun times. Let’s look over them together, immortalized and relived through all of the wonderful images fair visitors and artists shared on Instagram.


Winnie Hua hangs around with her rainbow hose installation, loving her boxed water.

Nicole Charles‘ socks kept falling down. The worst. It must be said, she still looks very cool.

This was from opening night of @theotherartfairnyc yesterday. My socks kept falling down

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Dean West‘s “Cloudscapes” are… not actually clouds.

The Haiku Guys poem’d on the spot.

Amit Greenberg hung out with us in the Saatchi Art Lounge all three days of the fair. He was very productive though, making live drawings and offering limited edition prints.

Everyone fell in love with Adrian Kay Wong‘s figurative paintings. No surprise there.

🌞 First full weekend day at The Other Art Fair! Come find me at Booth 33 ☺️

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of just a taste of what The Other Art Fair has to offer. We’d love to see you at the next fair! For info on where and when upcoming fairs will be, please visit the website and book tickets.

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