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Meet The Others: Leonie Barton

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Ephemeral Artist Leonie Barton creates her geometric works of art from found-materials she picks up on the beach near her home in New South Wales. A daily practice, Leonie leaves the configurations she creates behind on the beach for others after she has photographed them to add to her collection. Leonie showed her ephemeral photograph series for the first time at The Other Art Fair Sydney in October 2016.



How would you describe your artwork ?

Ephemeral constructions, made from what is found in the moment and only from the ground. Arrangements of natural and/or discarded materials, that I hope to present in a visually pleasing form, looking for harmony and balance. These creations are photographed and then left behind for others to experience (unless made of plastic).
Whilst I am heavy on the contrast when I print, I do not photoshop or muck with the composition. I try to shoot as I mean to print.

What does making art mean to you ?

Being entirely present and focused on what is in front of me.
A calm and still state of being, where nothing else enters my mind.
The freedom to explore and respond to my immediate environment, no matter the location or circumstance I find myself in.
It is a demonstration of how I look at the world, the lines, shapes, textures and colours that I see, that other people might walk past.

How did you start making art ?

In hindsight, the ephemeral started as a very young child. I grew up on a river in the bush and was always decorating my “patch”, with treasures collected along the way. In regards to the drawing/painting side of my arts practice, I can’t remember a time before pencils and notebook weren’t present.

What was it like to be a part of The Other Art Fair ?

TOAF was a wonderful experience. I hadn’t’ shown the ephemeral photograph series before and wasn’t sure how it would be received. I was using the experience to sound out if people would connect with the artwork visually as well as the process used. It seemed to engage a lot of people, which fortunately transferred to sales. I also really enjoyed connecting with the other artists and meeting like minded souls, who like me, predominantly spend most of their time alone.

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