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London: Rebecca Mason’s Neon Health Service (NHS) returns in the form of The Sorry Stall

Artist Rebecca Mason returns to The Other Art Fair London with her Neon Health Service (NHS), this time in the form of The Sorry Stall.

Visitors to the fair can make apologies (anonymously or on an attributed basis) for things they regret. A selection will be displayed on the stand, posted on social media and some of the best (and worst!) will form a new background to Rebecca’s neon artworks.

“We live in a time where there is said to be “an epidemic of infallibility”. The desire to always look good and to be right often trumps the desire to do “the right thing”. This is amplified via social media, where our daily comments and errors are there for many to see, share and judge. We fear looking weak. Disagreements fester and spiral.

“But we are all wrong sometimes. We all contribute to the complex scenarios and problems we live amongst today, but in our highly competitive culture, the increasing fear of public shame, plus rising tendency for litigation, can make it even harder to say we are sorry when we know we have made mistakes which have hurt others.  Few things are more powerful than having the strength, wisdom, generosity and kindness to take responsibility and admit to yourself and others that you’ve made a mistake. A genuine apology can have the power to heal and resolve conflict. It can restore trust, harmony, dignity and can truly empower others and yourself.

“This is not an exercise in apologising just “to keep the peace” in situations where you did not do, or do not believe you did, anything wrong. It’s not about apologising where you genuinely believe you don’t need to. It’s not about apologies for the sake of PR, manipulation or those followed with excuses. Nor is it about expecting a particular outcome as a result. It’s about those situations where you believe you have done wrong and genuinely want to apologise and try to remedy the damage done.”

Visit Rebecca Mason’s Sorry Stall at The Other Art Fair London, 14-17 March at The Old Truman Brewery. Book your tickets online now.