The Others

Dreaming In Venice: Bridget Davies

Fair artist Bridget Davies reflects on her recent Venetian dream holiday:


Spending a lovely ten days taking part in an artist residency at Ca Zanardi in Venice gave me time to contemplate on the set theme of what my own personal utopia would be. I covered a lot of ground and have much more to think about. To some Venice is a Utopia in itself, with its beautiful marble palaces, magnificent grand canal, secret alleyways and Tintoretto and Titian masterpieces.


Sleep and solitude were ideas that captured me, probably as a reaction to today’s hectic lifestyle styles. I contemplated the competitive nature that social media seems to encourage, and the way we live our lives through the internet.


Other thoughts included the immortality, strength and beauty of the statues that guard the churches and palaces. Venice has a historic reputation for being a hedonistic sexual paradise (the culture of wearing a mask was to allow anonymity whilst indulging in immoral acts).


My thoughts have been documented in ink.

It was wonderful to have the time to experiment a little, in such a beautiful palace, and stay in such a unique city.