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Bristol: Leading Hand Poke Tattoo Artist at The Other Art Fair

Echoing The Other Art Fair’s ethos of providing a unique art fair environment, we are thrilled to present a packed fair features programme to go alongside the 80 fantastic exhibiting artists.

Exclusively to the Bristol 2017, hand poke tattoo artist Needle and Chopstick (Sarah Lu) will be onsite to ink visitors with a selection of her own designs and designs created exclusively for the fair inspired by exhibiting artwork. Ahead of the fair we spoke to Sarah Lu to find out more about her practice…

How long have you been a professional hand poke tattoo artist for?

Professionally for 4 years.

Why hand poking as opposed to machine tattooing?

A basic drawing tool is a pencil – But we have seen how this simple tool can be manipulated and applied to paper to create the most complicated and amazing artworks.
I hand poke because I am ever fascinated, excited and challenged at how such basic tools (such as a needle and a chopstick), can be pushed further to create such interesting work.

Do you ever use a tattoo machine in your work?

No – I don’t actually know how to use a tattoo machine.
Everything that you see in this book is 100% hand poked.

How many individual hand poked tattoos you’ve done to date?

I have no idea… but definitely over 1000 in my lifetime!

What’s the largest hand poked piece you have done to date?

I’m not sure, but an example of a large tattoo that I have done spanned from the client’s sternum, over his ribs, stomach, hips and thigh, all the way down to above his knee…

What’s the longest amount of hours you have spent on a hand poked piece?

60+ hours on a full sleeve (including the chest), over 12 sessions

What’s the longest amount of hours you’ve tattooed in one sitting?

10 hours in one day… With a few 15 minute breaks of course!

Do your arms and hands not hurt?!

At the beginning, my shoulders and hands did ache and hurt a lot and I had to have a break every hour! But these days, they don’t bother me so much and I can tattoo for ages without stopping. I guess the strains that you initially put your body and mind through, eventually strengthen, and adapt. Plus your stamina grows!

Hand poke tattoos at the fair are strictly advanced booking only. Book your space online now.