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London Charity Partner: ARTHOUSE Unlimited

We’re proud to introduce ARTHOUSE Unlimited as our charity partner for our upcoming London fair edition, taking place at West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross 29 June to 2 July 2023. 

ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity and collective presenting the artistic works of over 50 artists with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs. Offering a sense of purpose lies at the heart of the charity and 100% of sales revenue helps support its sustainability and growth.

We discussed the charity’s incredible story with Founder and CEO Becky Sheraidah. Becky recognised the need for helping adults with support needs find a deeper sense of purpose when she discovered the amazing personalities and raw, honest drawing styles of the clients she worked with in a residential home setting 20 years ago. Whilst the group received high quality personal support and essential daily care, there were not many opportunities to be valued for individual skills or social integration with the local or wider community. This inspired Becky to create ARTHOUSE Unlimited, with the mission of creating greater social inclusion and improving emotional wellbeing through valuing the artists’ contributions, and in turn creating a greater sense of purpose.

The way ARTHOUSE Unlimited achieves this is through guiding and supporting their neuro-diverse artists to create saleable work in a collaboration between the artists, art instructors and their Creative Director. The experience of artists seeing their work being developed into products, sold and receiving customer feedback is rewarding and empowering. ARTHOUSE Unlimited’s process of working together to create art in the studio, which goes into the world, helps people living with complex neuro-diverse and physical support requirements to build confidence and feel happier within themselves. The success of their artistic skills and creativity can be seen through the number of achievements they have celebrated over the last two years, including collaborations with international companies such as Lush and having their artists’ work selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in consecutive years. 

“It is important that all people who require support have community-inclusive, accessible and purposeful opportunities available in daily life. Care is not just about the personal, medical and physical; it’s about emotional health and wellbeing too – for people to be recognised for their individual skills and being made to feel valued will help emotional health and wellbeing.” – Becky Sheraidah, CEO & Founder, ARTHOUSE Unlimited

You can learn more about ARTHOUSE Unlimited and experience the talents of a selected number of their artists in a unique installation of their work at The Other Art Fair Summer Session, 29 June – 2 July at West Handyside Canopy King’s Cross.