Damola Ayegbayo

Damola Ayegbayo is an experienced visual artist from Nigeria with a demonstrated history of working in the arts and crafts industry. Skilled in paintings and drawings, he aims to communicate the power and beauty of Black African women, realities of life and morals, through colors as well as portraits of beautiful Black woman to speak to society about morals, good behavior, love, and unity. The name of his painting style is called ÀBÈFÉ, meaning “pleading to be loved”, which is his native name and his craft is an expressionism style of art.

Hi Damola!

All those colors are so beautiful. It really does feel like a celebration! Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration mostly comes from the power, strength, and beauty of African women… from their experiences and mine. I’m motivated by the use and expression of beautiful colors to create striking artworks that communicate a message. I’m also trying to correct the wrongs of my society and encourage the little ones with my artworks.

How did you approach your work on The Other Avatars project?

I created my originally fine art paintings of Van Gogh first, and afterwards I teamed with a digital artist to create the avatars together. Expanding my horizons and learning more was a beautiful and lovely experience.

Coming from traditional fine art, what is your perspective on computer-generated NFTs?

Digital art is a big part of the NFT world, so I wouldn’t say that computer generated NFTs are bad, but I do believe that handmade artworks are somehow unique in their representation. For me, the identity of my artwork should reflect originality wherever it goes. That adds value.

What advice would you give artists that are interested in starting to create NFTs?

NFTs are a great development in art because it challenges artists to educate themselves on crypto currency, crypto art (both digital and physical), and how it improves the art world and benefits them as a source of income. I feel it is a great privilege for me as an artist to be featured and able to explore NFTs as a first-timer.

What would you like for collectors to know about your work?

I want the collectors to experience the combination of African native attire paired with my unique colorful painting style in a single avatar.

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